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Core Businesses

Axens’ mission: To provide our clients with inventive and sustainable solutions for cleaner mobility, chemical intermediate production, natural gas and effluent treatment, and support their environmental and energy transition challenges.

Axens’ offer covers the entire value chain with an integrated offer: from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire life cycle of the unit.


Axens offers a complete range of Solutions

Axens Solutions business is focused on the conversion of oil, natural gas and biomass to cleaner fuels as well as the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates.

More specifically, Axens Solutions is a provider of:

  • Technology licensing for: Refining, Petrochemicals, Biofuels & Renewables, and Natural Gas Processing;
  • Process Design Packages;
  • Units Revamping;
  • Equipment;
  • Market-leading catalysts and adsorbents;
  • Modular Units
  • Industrial and operations support, including: commissioning, start-up, technical assistance, follow-up, training and catalyst lifecycle management.

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions is a world leader in process furnaces for refining, petrochemicals and syngas/hydrogen markets.

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions provides a comprehensive offer including:

  • Furnaces;
  • Waste heat recovery units;
  • Services such as: Furnace-performance optimization and revamp studies, revamps as well as supply of spare parts.

Axens Horizon provides services for new and existing plants in the refining and petrochemical industries. These services range from consulting and feasibility studies to energy assessments and crude selection optimization.

Axens Horizon is a provider of:

  • Asset & Operation Optimization, including Simulators and Advanced Process Control;
  • Technical and Economic studies to optimize refining units;
  • Configuration development, including pre-Feasibility study and conceptual engineering study;
  • Major revamping studies;
  • Integrated Process Solutions;
  • Project execution consulting services;
  • Fuel Advanced Savings Technology (FAST);
  • Air Preheaters.


HTI offers an advanced technology in the production of clean energy products from heavy oil feedstock: the HCAT® Process—a proprietary patented method of hydrocracking heavy residual oil with low sediment formation.

The performance of this technology is enhanced by the support the customers receive from HTI technical services team of engineers, scientists, and technicians with a broad range of expertise in oil refining and catalysis.


PFR Engineering Systems provides advanced thermal engineering services to the energy field with a specialization in software simulation of equipment used in the oil and petrochemical fields. PFR is focused on providing industry leading software for fired heater and furnace rating, as well as unparalleled service, training and support for our customers worldwide.


Eurecat is owned at 50% by Axens, and provides the following services for refineries, gas processing facilities, petrochemical and chemical plants:

  • Catalyst regeneration and rejuvenation, RAISE reactivation;
  • Sulfiding and activation of catalysts;
  • Spent catalyst recycling and management;
  • Reactor management.


  • Extended Global Network


Axens is present worldwide through subsidiaries and partners working in close cooperation with the Headquarter in Rueil Malmaison, France. Axens offers its clients with an extended global network for industrial, technical supports and commercial services.


  • Axens approach

Creating a genuine sense of partnership is at the heart of Axens’ approach. In line with this belief of working together, the company’s support for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves all of its stakeholders – clients, employees, suppliers, partners, subcontractors and neighboring communities of its industrial sites.


  • Technology Development & Innovation

Axens is continuously striving to develop and improve its technologies and products. The group’s objective is to provide the market with efficient and competitive solutions, with a focus on safety, reliability and sustainability.

To deliver on these commitments, Axens has a threefold mission:

  • Foster the process of continuous improvement and a culture of innovation, while protecting the intellectual property behind these ideas;
  • Address current and future demands and help industrialize new or improved products in Research & Development Programs, jointly with IFPEN and other partners;
  • Ensure the consistency and technical excellence of Axens’ methods and tools, thereby ensuring the quality of its solutions.

Coupled with a unique partnership with world-class IFPEN’s R&D facilities, Axens devotes significant resources on development and innovation, with for main objective delivering solutions that meet the current and evolving needs of its customers.


  • Engineering Support

Axens’ extensive operations know-how and technology background is continually upgraded in response to its customers’ demands for lower investment and operating costs, lower emissions, higher energy efficiency, higher yields and shorter downtimes.

Engineering and design developments for new processes and improvements apply this outstanding expertise for both grassroots and revamping projects. Engineering developments are led in Rueil-Malmaison, France and Princeton, New Jersey, USA.


  • Pilot Plant Testing

Multiple steps of verification are required before new products commercial implementation. Among them, pilot plant verification is key to drive a project to success.

For that purpose, Axens is highly investing in Research and Development, pilot plant testing and scale-up production of catalysts and adsorbents. Some investments are for short-to-mid-term commercial applications, but a significant number is for long-term objectives that will bear fruit in a decade.